3375 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek, Queensland 4127, Australia


We've taken a non-traditional approach to bicycle retail based on our collective years of experience in the industry.

We don't view mountain bikes as a commodity, as many retailers do, and we don't have racks and racks of bikes on display.

We apply our knowledge and expertise in assisting our customers find the right bike for their needs. And in most cases we can supply the bike exactly to their specifications, a bespoke build if you like.

Once the bike arrives we assemble the bike correctly, which can (and should) take several hours to do properly. And then upon delivery we run through a bike fit and suspension set up with every customer.

And long after delivery, we make ourselves available to continue to work with our customers on fine tuning their set up thereby ensuring they gain the maximum benefit from their mountain bike.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a premium product and level of service to match. If you're in the market for a mountain bike then come and see us and experience the Big Mountain difference for yourself.

Bicycle retail, but not as you know it...

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